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Commercial Water Damage: The Steps to Take

6/29/2022 (Permalink)

Water damage is one of the most, if not the most, frequent and expensive disaster a small business can experience. Once a water loss occurs, if it is not taken care of quickly, it can easily create other damages such as microbial growth. Often these types of losses originate or are related to plumbing, roof leaks, HVAC systems, or appliances.

The First Four Steps to Take

  1. Locate the source of the damage. Water intrusion can happen in many places, be sure to check the pipes, plumbing, and appliances. It is also a good idea to look for any holes in the walls or roof as well. If you can locate the source, it is recommended to call a plumber to fix the problem first. However, if you cannot locate the problem, call a leak detection service as they have the proper equipment to identify the invisible issue.
  2. Shut the water main off if needed. If you have a leaking or busted pipe, shut it off as soon as you can to prevent further damage.
  3. Contact your insurance company right away. Notify your insurance company about the water damage as early as possible. Be sure to take pictures of the damages and document it as well.
  4. Give SERVPRO® a call. As an emergency mitigation service, we are ready to hop into action to ensure that the damage is limited. Our trained technicians are respectful, professional, and well versed in the many nuances that comes with a water loss.

Our team at SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties can walk you through the necessary steps when dealing with a water loss. Contact us at 706-843-1990 if your commercial property has experienced a water loss, we are “Here to help. ®”

Experiencing Sickness at Your Office? SERVPRO® Can Help!

6/7/2022 (Permalink)

A little over two years ago, the entire world as we knew it changed. Many businesses were forced to close down because of the coronavirus, a few have never been able to reopen. It has changed the way everyone goes about their daily lives, until recently. While some things appear to have gone back to normal and regulations have all but disappeared, it is still important to recognize that the virus is a part of our new normal, it has not gone away. With SERVPRO® there is no need to worry, as we offer services that can minimize the spread the potential threat of COVID-19 and other pesky viruses.

The Certified: SERVPRO® Cleaned Program

Due to the coronavirus, we have developed the CSC Program, which is centered around our three C’s: Consult, Clean, and Certify. Once scheduled, we will send a qualified and equipped team of technicians to fog every inch of your building. Additionally, they will wipe down and disinfect “high touch point” areas that include doorknobs, light switches, countertops, key boards, and the like. It is important to keep your customers and staff safe as much as you can.

Properties We Can Sanitize:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Hotels
  • Universities and schools
  • Manufacturing and industrial warehouse facilities
  • Hospitals
  • Churches
  • Theaters
  • Airports
  • Office buildings
  • Government establishments
  • Personal homes 

If you would like to schedule a sanitization spraying, SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties can help you. For pricing and scheduling, call our office team at 706-843-1990.

A Stinky Situation: Commercial Sewage Backup

4/27/2022 (Permalink)

Help! There’s Sewage in My Building!

Arguably one of the worst potential threats to your business is the prospect of a sewage back up. It is normally unexpected, hinders daily business activities, the smell is atrocious, and is all around stressful to deal with. Immediate cleanup and sanitization of the affected property is necessary to minimize the potential risk for additional damage such as mold.

Who to Call?

As an IICRC Certified franchise, SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties can help alleviate the distress of a water damage emergency such as this, by following IICRC Standard guidelines. Our qualified technicians will assess the damage on site and determine the best course of action to restore the damaged property to preloss condition.  Additionally, SERVPRO® can professionally deodorize the building, making the horrendous smell from the sewage a thing of the past by utilizing air scrubbers and proper chemicals. The pathogens from the sewage can be harmful and needs to be properly mitigated by your local SERVPRO® franchise.

Ways to Prevent Sewer Backups

  • Install a backwater prevention valve with the assistance of a qualified plumber
  • Do NOT connect sump pumps, French drains, and other flood control systems to your sanitary sewer—it is illegal!
  • Properly dispose of grease by not pouring it down the drain
  • Replace your line and tap with a new plastic pipe to prevent tree roots from entering it.
  • Dispose of paper products properly by not flushing them down a toilet.
  • Water sealing basements.

SERVPRO® of Augusta South / Wilkes & Burke Counties offer a quick response and stress-free service for all the potential disasters that a business owner my worry about. If your commercial building experiences a sewage backup, remember, SERVPRO® is “Here to help. ®” 

Mold In Your Commercial Business?

3/31/2022 (Permalink)

SERPRO employee dressed in PPE holding equipment A SERVPRO crew member dressed in full PPE prepping equipment to begin safe mold clean-up.

What Is Mold? 

Mold. The word by itself brings up unpleasant imagery, like a school sandwich forgotten in a backpack. Milk that no longer flows freely but comes out in chunks.  But when mold infests your house, the signs aren’t always so obvious. Even a spotless floor with gleaming storefronts may have mold lurking in unexpected places. For everything we hear about mold, you’re probably left wondering “why is mold bad”? Mostly because when mold grows it feeds on the materials it is growing on, which results in irreversible damage. This damage means all the affected materials must be replaced. 

Mold is a type of fungi that grows in multicellular structures called hyphae. Hyphae produce mold spores that are found indoors and outdoors. Even though mold spores are found everywhere, mold requires moisture to grow.  

Fun fact: According to studies done by the Environmental Protection Agency, mold can appear on any surface in the home, including paper, wood, carpet, and foods. The appearance of mold differs based on the species of mold it is, and the surface its latched onto. The colors may range from purple to green, and even black or white. 

Essentially, this makes determining a certain strain by eye very difficult. Luckily, technicians at SERVPRO® of Augusta are well trained in mold testing and have a quick return on answers for you.  

Signs You May Have a Mold Problem 

  1. Musty/Rotten Smell

If there is a damp, musty odor emanating from flooring or walls, it is likely the stench is being caused by ‘mold volatile organic compounds’, or MVOCs. MVOCs are chemicals released during the mold life cycle.  

  1. Contaminated Carpets

Carpeted areas and rugs are hot spots for becoming breeding ground for mold. Pay close attention to any spots, odors, or stains on the carpet. If you do happen to notice something out of the ordinary, be sure to examine both sides of the carpet and padding.  

  1. Warped Walls

One of the most common reasons paint begins to bubble or appear distorted is because of moisture hidden in the walls. If your walls appear warped, first identify the source of the moisture, and then have the problem fixed before it breeds mold.  

  1. AC Filters

If your air conditioning creates a musty smell when you turn it on, it’s possible you may have some leaking moisture issues. Make sure to use HEPA filters and regularly clean the unit and replace the filters to starve mold of its food sources- dust and moisture.  

  1. Previous Water Damage

If you experienced previous water damage in your business that wasn’t properly extracted and cleaned, your mold source could be a responsive problem to that. Because fungi feeds on moisture, water damage left too long tends to lead to mold issues. 

Suspect Your Business May Have a Mold Issue? Give SERVPRO® of Augusta a call at 706-841-1990 to schedule a consultation and mold test today.  

SERVPRO Can Help to Identify Microbial Growth

1/10/2022 (Permalink)

What is Microbial Growth?

Mold or mildew is a microbial growth. Microbial growth can be visible or hidden but is usually first indicated through smell. Microbes can begin to grow wherever there is excess moisture and a steady “food source.” In commercial spaces, microbes can grow and spread due to leaks, undetected water damage, elevated humidity, or the presence of attractive food sources such as sheetrock, ceiling tiles or carpeting. 

Microbes will feed on any substance that contains carbon atoms, which is anything made up of organic matter. Many natural materials found in commercial buildings provide suitable foods for microbial growth and tend to thrive in warmer environments. Microbes also require high levels of moisture to grow at least 70% humidity, and most outbreaks occur in buildings where porous materials contain persistent amounts of moisture.

Signs That Your Business Has Been Threatened by Microbial Growth:

  • Musty odors
  • Noticeable moisture
  • Visible mold or mildew
  • Water stains in the building

The best way to identify if your property is experiencing growth, is to call SERVPRO® of Augusta to examine your property, help identify problematic areas, areas of contamination spread, and to mitigate. SERVPRO will conduct a visual inspection of your property, run moisture reading tests to help identify the cause, and conduct air quality tests. After inspections are complete, an extensive report will be created to provide information regarding areas of concern, types of mold present, along with the level of contamination. 

Microbial remediation involves an abatement process, this meaning the spores will be removed. However, it is best to conduct additional preventative steps to stop growth from occurring again in the future. SERVPRO professionals will inspect the premises, contain all areas of contamination and thoroughly treat the space. This process will remove all elevated levels of spore contamination your commercial property and help to give a concise procedure explanation on how to prevent growth in the future.

Think you have a microbial growth issue? SERVPRO professionals are Here to Help® 24/7/365. Give our team a call at 706-843-1990 to schedule a consultation today.

No Time to Deal with a Water Damage? Call SERVPRO Now

12/1/2021 (Permalink)

Water from a water leak was found under carpeting in this bedroom, carpet is rolled back to expose the water. After a water damage, water is often exposed under multiple floor coverings. It is important to call the experts at SERVPRO to reveal these areas.

Combat a Water Damage Threat with SERVPRO

Managing a business is expensive. You spend not only financially, but also with your time. So, when a water damage or fire damage threatens your business, calling the experts in restoration for a quick recovery is vital.

Expert Advantage

SERVPRO has been in the restoration industry for over 50 years. With decades of serving, innovating, and combined years of experience amongst every franchise, at SERVPRO we have seen every disaster there could be both small and larger than life. Having an expert team means that the level of care, attention, and detail to the restorative process is applied to every loss we are called to help rescue.

What You Can Do Until Help Arrives

When you have a water damage, it is understandable to want to have the problem corrected immediately. However, as you wait for crews to arrive, there are measures you can take to help begin the process. Here are a few professional tips to help:

  • Remove excess water by mopping and blotting.
  • Wipe excess water from wood furniture after removal of lamps and tabletop items.
  • Remove and prop wet upholstery and cushions.
  • Place aluminum foil or wood blocks between furniture legs and wet carpeting.
  • Turn air conditioning on for maximum drying in summer.
  • Remove colored rugs from wet carpeting.
  • Remove art objects to a safe, dry place.
  • Gather loose items from floors.

Just as there are actions you can take to help after a water damage, there are things we recommend not to do:

  • Don't leave wet fabrics in place. Hang furs and leather goods.
  • Don't leave books, magazines or other colored items on wet carpet or floors.
  • Don't use your household vacuum to remove water.
  • Don't use television or other household appliances.
  • Don't turn on ceiling fixtures if ceiling is wet and keep out of rooms where ceilings are sagging.

Be safe when approaching a water damage, safety first! Our professionals specialize in residential water damage restoration, with training focused on restoring salvageable items, accelerating drying time while documenting the entire restoration process.

Need Water Damage Help for Your Business?

Call our team for help! We are always ready to answer the call to help 706-843-1990.

Don’t Let Water Damages Cost You

10/1/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Helps Combat Costly Damages

When water damages occur in your business, stress can arise from a multitude of things, including temporarily closing your doors while turning way potential revenue. At SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties we aim to work quickly and efficiently to reopen your businesses doors.

SERVPRO is Faster

Our teams are expertly trained in fire, water, biohazard, and mold mitigation with over 50 years in operation. All teams are trained under strict IICRC regulations. Our IICRC training allows our teams to have approval to work within your business for mitigation purposes as well as having the credentials to be able to complete work properly with supervisor from both a Field and Production Manager.

Our professional team is equipped with the knowledge and equipment to properly complete restoration servicing of all kinds, and all sizes. A few pieces of equipment you would initially see at your loss site should you need professional SERVPRO help as the following:

  • Extraction Equipment. Extractors are used for cleaning water from carpeting and hard surfaces. Our extractors can be either truck-mounted or portable, allowing for greater access inside commercial structures.
  • Air Moving Equipment. Air movers help to accelerate the drying process after a water loss. Should you experience a water loss, after standing water is extracted, the additional air flow helps to reduce drying time and increase moisture in the air space.
  • Dehumidifiers or “Dehus” helping to extract the additional moisture in the air, acting as a sponge for the air space.

Not only do our teams have leading industry equipment, but we also follow a highly regimented 1-4-8 response system. “1” for 1 hour to respond to your call and receive a verbal brief on your loss. “4” for 4 hours to dispatch a team, arrive on site and begin work. “8” for 8 hours to give a verbal briefing to you and your insurance adjuster on the scope of work and current loss status.

Need SERVPRO help? Call our office for scheduling and to dispatch a team at 706-843-1990.

How SERVPRO® ERPs Can Save Your Augusta Commercial Business

8/26/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO employee helps identify the air movers and placement of air movers for where they need to be moved during drying Does your facility need a free ERP? Call us for scheduling today at 706-843-1990.

ERPs Help Save BIG on Time and Money

On average, 50% of businesses close following a disaster. At SERVPRO® we have found that the practice to reduce interruption to your business, is for your local SERVPRO® representative to help you prepare for a disaster before it even happens. By developing a SERVPRO® Emergency Ready Profile, or ERP, you can minimize cost loss in categories of both the emergency loss and your business profits lost through having to temporarily close your doors to clients. Knowing what to do and having a plan of action in place for your business is a huge component for seamlessly transition from water loss to restored businesses. Whether the job loss is a small water leak, flooding in your surrounding area or a fire, SERVPRO® can make it "Like it never even happened."®

The Advantages of Having an Emergency Ready Profile in Place

An ERP does not take much time for our SERVPRO® Professionals to set up for you and will not take away from current business procedures. This no-cost evaluation of your facility will minimize the time that your business is inactive during a loss, saving you a future headache and minimizing job time and cost. In a state of emergency, your staff may find themselves confused and frightened, which is why SERVPRO® offers your businesses personalized ERP in app format. To ensure that your teams know what to do if disaster strikes, we encourage everyone in the facility to download the mobile ERP app. Having a quick reference of what to do, who to call, and in what order to do so is vital in making sure your business is Ready for Whatever Happens®.

Ready To Start An ERP For Your Business?

Give our office team a call at 706-843-1990 today to schedule a meeting with a SERVPRO® Representative today.

Is It Possible to Start Restoration Hours after Fire Damage at Our Augusta Warehouse?

6/21/2021 (Permalink)

At SERVPRO Production Vehicles Are Always Ready Ensuring the Fastest Response to Fire Restoration Requests

Properties with vast open spaces such as warehouses present unique challenges after fire incidents. The damage readily spreads to the walls, ceiling, and floor. The chances of items stored within the space igniting and worsening the outcome are also high. However, the possibility to clear up the affected areas and restore damaged sections in time can be an even more significant concern.

Carrying out fire damage restoration in Augusta warehouses requires several resources, including safety gear, waste management assets, and the necessary restoration equipment to help with cleaning and deodorization, among other processes. In most cases, delays occur because marshaling all the resources takes time. SERVPRO’s preparedness and experience handling many fire incidents help cut down the response time to respond and carry out the restoration.  

Our teams regularly respond to cases of:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Water & fire damage restorations

The response time might also be determined by human aspects such as the ability to deal with interested third parties. After a warehouse fire, an interested third party could be an insurance adjuster since the adjuster must approve issues like disposals of some materials or the use of specific restoration techniques. Our SERVPRO crew chiefs have vast experience working with adjusters, thus ensuring a smoother encounter.

After starting the restoration, you can expect results faster since our teams have all the necessary resources to expedite the work. For instance, we use pressure washers to strip off residues from vast surfaces such as walls. We also have elevated platforms such as cherry pickers which ease access when cleaning or tearing down materials.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties can help mount a timely response in case of fire damage in any business setting. Call us at (706) 843-1990. We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster.

How Can SERVPRO Clean Up Augusta Warehouses After a Fire?

4/27/2021 (Permalink)

When Fire Restoration is Necessary, our Team can Help Augusta Businesses Get Going Again

Fires can be a devastating situation for Augusta area businesses. With many manufacturing facilities and warehouses in the city, a structure fire can take a destructive toll on the company. As leading fire restoration professionals for Burke and Wilkes Counties, we can provide efficient mitigation and recovery when you need it. Our team helps with:

  • Fire damage restoration
  • Smoke remediation
  • Fire and smoke damage
  • Fire damaged homes

When Can SERVPRO Professionals Begin Fire Restoration?

The start of fire restoration in Augusta businesses is vital. We have professionals available 24/7 to mobilize fast with our Green Fleet of service vehicles to provide mitigation and emergency services. From the application of our general contractor license for structural repairs to our initial concerns for indoor air quality (IAQ), we have a team of professionals ready and able to help the way your warehouse requires.

Can Job Scoping and Damage Assessment Benefit Fire Restoration? 

When our technicians first arrive to begin emergency services and mitigate fire and smoke damage, the necessary cleaning efforts get determined by a thorough inspection process. Our project manager or crew chief can walk through the warehouse with the owner to resolve the most immediate concerns and the most efficient approaches for eliminating multiple effects that fire exposure can leave behind. A thorough damage assessment maximizes the efficiency of later fire restoration by identifying several threatened areas of the facility and its contents. The damage assessment can find:

  • Content damage
  • Structural vulnerabilities
  • Circulating airborne threats
  • Lingering odors
  • Water damages
  • Surface smoke damage

Content Cleaning and Restoration Services

Protecting the contents of your warehouse must be a priority for responding technicians on our team. SERVPRO understands how fire effects can destroy stock and wares stored in the facility after prolonged exposure. Relocation can often prevent irreparable harm. When fire restoration is necessary for damaged contents and inventory, we can use our pack-out procedure to move them to our nearby facility. We have the advanced cleaning equipment to help, such as:

  • Esporta Wash System
  • Ultrasonic Tank
  • Ozone Chamber

Are Fire Damage Repairs Necessary After Smoke Remediation?

With a general contractor license and skilled professionals, we can provide a wealth of positive services and actions to help with the reconstruction and repairs your property requires. Because we keep this work in-house, we can seamlessly transition from smoke damage removal and other fire restoration efforts to replacing removed materials. We can determine where build-back is necessary based on job scoping and the customer's priorities.

A fire incident in your warehouse or manufacturing facility could have far-reaching and costly effects on your business. Our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties team appreciates our role in getting your doors back open and production back as soon as possible. We have experienced professionals ready to help 24/7 at (706) 843-1990.

Augusta Commercial Fire Damage and Smoke Residue

3/5/2021 (Permalink)

a fire damaged kitchen with soot covering everything Has your home or business been affected by a recent fire? Our technicians are standing by to remediate your fire damage situation.

Why do Some Commercial Properties Require a Variety of Fire Damage Cleaning Methods?

Commercial properties, particularly those involved in manufacturing, utilize a variety of chemicals as part of their normal business operations. When these chemicals are heated or ignited, they can generate chemical-rich smoke residues.

SERVPRO technicians responding to Augusta fire damaged commercial properties are certified Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration technicians. We train our team to deal with many different chemicals, cleaning, and odor restoration methods. Understanding the chemical involved determines the cleaning agent that is used. For example:

  • Light Oils may require water and detergents
  • Heavier oils, such as motor oils, may require oil-based solvents
  • Syrups may dissolve in water and detergents

Even the water used affects cleaning efficiency. Hard water containing calcium mixed with detergents generates salts in the water, slowing down the cleaning process and leaving scum. Thorough rinsing is needed to clean the affected item adequately.

SERVPRO can help commercial business managers with fire damage restoration of all types, including smoke residue cleaning.

Contact SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties for fire damage services in Augusta and surrounding areas. We can help 24/7. Call (706) 843-1990.

Don’t Miss Master the Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset for Investing in 2021 from the Comfort of Your Grovetown Home

1/11/2021 (Permalink)

Grovetown Residents Looking to Invest Smarter Can Benefit from this Virtual Investment Informational Event

It can sometimes be difficult to understand best practices for handling your money and making the most out of your finances. If you want to learn more about developing an investment mindset, you can sign up for the Master the Trade: Master Your Money and Mindset for Investing in 2021 virtual event. This is an event that is hosted by Invest with Teri, and it includes a wide variety of speakers that will go over the different ways to diversify and set out on a new path for financial growth. There are several asset classes for investing, and this virtual conference will set you up for successful trading in 2021.

  • Date: Saturday, January 23rd, 2021
  • Time: 11 am to 7 00 pm
  • Where: Online event
  • Cost: $99 to $299 depending on the ticket chosen

SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is here to support residents and businesses alike. If you have flood damage in your commercial space, we have the equipment and manpower to clean up the debris and water promptly. This includes detailed inventory control and pack-out services. Call (706) 843-1990, and we can send out a crew as soon as possible. We are Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Experience One of Grovetown’s Most Popular Holiday Traditions.

12/4/2020 (Permalink)

Come to See Grovetown’s 46th Annual Holiday Parade.

One of Grovetown’s most enduring traditions is its yearly holiday parade.  It is such a long-lasting part of the local community, in fact, that 2020 marks the forty-sixth year the event has taken place.  The parade features, among other things, marching bands, holiday-themed floats, and a special appearance by Santa.  If you plan to come and watch the festive spectacle, remember the following information:

  • The event starts on Saturday, December 5th at 10 AM and continues until 12 PM
  • It begins at the Grovetown Campus of Augusta Tech, located at 3500 John Huffman Way
  • The parade follows the same route it has for the past three years; from Augusta Tech, it goes down Horizon South Parkway, turns right onto Wrightsboro Road, and ends at the Walmart Neighborhood Market

Your helpful neighborhood SERVPRO of Augusta South/Burke & Wilkes Counties is proud to announce this fun, family-friendly event.  Also, as a fellow local business, we would like to remind you to remain vigilant against potential water-related issues.  With that said, we are always here to help if you ever need water damage restoration work done.  Call us anytime at  (706)-843-1990.

What are the Main Threats of Mold Growth in an Augusta School Dorm?

10/25/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing on a wall near the floor Mold damage to your campus needs to be handled quickly. Contact SERVPRO 24/7 for professional remediation and mitigation services.

Augusta has many institutions that can become threatened by microbial growth.

With prestigious institutions throughout Augusta such as Paine College and Augusta University, thousands of students must make use of available room and board at these campuses every year. With mismanaged water losses and being an active area for storm and flood losses, dorms can be at risk for destructive forces like microbial growth.

When you consider the necessary steps for mold removal in Augusta campus structures, you can realize that professional remediation has specific focuses to address active colonization. The removal of all mold is impossible, as spores exist naturally in nearly every environment waiting for the ideal moisture and temperature conditions to seat and grow. Once colonization begins, there are three primary obstacles for our remediation specialists, including:

  • Volatile Organic Compounds – Perhaps one of the most hazardous aspects of mold growth in a dorm is the health effects that this organism can present to those exposed. 
  • Structural Deterioration – With housing for hundreds of co-eds in one building, spreading mold organisms can have a widespread impact on structural integrity. This can displace many students. 
  • Harsh Musty Odors – While you might be able to manage surface mold concerns quickly, deodorization is necessary to control the musty odors that colonies can generate. 

How Can the Spread of Mold Colonies Get Limited in the Structure?

Containment is a vital effort when our remediators first arrive. With physical barriers created with plastic sheeting and wood frames to applying negative air chambers, we can limit active colonization in the dorm. 

Without immediate action from competent professionals, mold and microbial growth can spread quickly and unabated in campus structures. Our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties team can help with experience and a fast response when you call (706) 843-1990.

Click here for more information about Augusta.

What Do Business Owners Need to Remove Water in Their Facilities?

9/24/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment in a retail store For Fast Water Damage Mitigation--Call SERVPRO in Grovetown--We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Grovetown Business Owners Need Professional Restoration from SERVPRO

What Are the Initial Actions Needed to Clear Out a Commercial Operation?

On arrival to any Grovetown business, SERVPRO begins with the following steps:

  • Shut down the water if not yet accomplished.
  • Quickly inspect the building to determine the most impacted areas.
  • Remove standing water with large pumps and commercial-grade extraction wands.
  • Open all windows and doors possible to increase natural air circulation and evaporation (weather permitting), then augment both using a series of air movers throughout the structure and dehumidifiers in areas with the high humidity levels.

How Quickly Can Restoration Teams Remove the Water?

The speed of commercial water removal in Grovetown businesses depends primarily on the size of the facility and how much water is trapped inside. For example, a light industry facility may have less than an inch over the floor, but the large size of the building requires additional time to make certain every square foot is taken care of professionally.

The extra steps needed for residential carpets, however, are not needed for most business operations. Even in office settings, commercial carpeting does not have a pad underneath that quickly absorbs water. That allows our restoration specialists to avoid spending the time needed for lifting the carpet, removing the pad, and then drying both the carpet and the floor underneath.

What If Some of the Water Came Out of a Backed-up Sewer Line?

If this happens, restoration specialists spray a powerful anti-bacterial cleaner over any standing water, pools, and affected surfaces. After removing the water, they spray the now exposed surfaces again before removing the non-salvageable contaminated carpeting.

To learn more about SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties commercial restoration efforts, call (706) 843-1990 today. We are here to help you reopen for business as quickly and safely as possible.

How Do I Dry and Restore My Augusta Salon After a Water Leak?

7/20/2020 (Permalink)

A Leaking Sink Fixture can Damage Cabinetry, Flooring, and Other Exposed Materials in Your Salon  

With many of the stations in your Augusta salon featuring their sinks and respective fixtures, the possibility of an accident or natural deterioration of these elements is more likely than you might think. While you cannot account for the disasters that could occur, you can have a plan to resolve these situations as they happen. With the fast and confident response of our SERVPRO team, we can implement mitigation tactics as soon as we arrive to reduce the spread and severity of water loss incidents and reduce the destruction that migrating water can allow. 

There are situations where even our fast response does not negate the need for water damage repair in Augusta properties like yours. Because we have a group of in-house contractors that can restore your salon's look and feel after water emergencies, we can offer a comprehensive experience with every loss incident we address. Often with persistent leaks or breaks in fixtures, the immediate materials like cabinetry, countertops, drywall, and wood flooring can be sensitive to saturation. 

What Steps Are Necessary to Repair Damaged Engineered Wood Flooring?  

As with any wood flooring or other materials exposed to standing water or migrating moisture, we remove this dampness before demolition occurs. If structural deterioration has begun, drying the material is a wasted effort. If attempting moisture removal, there are specific tools that we will use in these situations: 

  • Positive Pressure Systems
  • Floor Mat Drying System
  • Centrifugal Air Movers 

Removal of engineered wood flooring is only necessary for the areas where the worst damage has occurred. A thorough assessment of the flooring material can determine a dry line to note what portions of wood plank must get removed and later replaced after drying completes. 

Every water loss situation is different, so our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties team responds quickly to reduce this threatening condition's spread and saturation. Contact us anytime you need us at (706) 843-1990. 

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How Can I Manage Water Damage at My Augusta Store To Limit Long-Term Inconveniences?

5/27/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO drying and purifying equipment in a store Augusta Commercial Properties Rely on SERVPRO's Advanced Equipment for Water Damage Mitigation

Your Local SERVPRO Can Tailor Solutions to Match the Problems You Encounter After Water Loss Incidents

A burst water pipe at your Atlanta clothing store can have severe implications, apart from leaving wet surfaces. If it is a specialty shop such as a military surplus store in the Augusta area, the problem is more complicated because many of the items in your stock are harder to replace should the water damage them severely. Even a minor issue such as unaddressed moisture remnants can worsen some characteristics associated with military surplus stores such as unusual odor.

What are the significant problems likely to affect my store after a water pipe bursts?

Water damage incidents in Augusta are usually unique depending on the circumstances of each loss, such as:

  • The location of the breached pipe
  • How long it takes to perform the restoration
  • Whether it is a clean or greywater loss
  • The type of materials affected

For a clothes store or other similar business, the loss is likely to be from a clean water pipe, so soiling is not likely to be a principal concern. However, most of the spaces around the store are likely to be packed with materials of a porous nature such as clothes, shoes, rucksacks, and other fabric materials.  Shelves, separation walls, and other structures are also likely to contain porous wooden materials and composites. From previous experiences, our SERVPRO technicians identify moisture management as the biggest headache that you are likely to face after a water loss incident at your shop.

How do I respond to a water spill to minimize long-term effects?

Several steps are necessary to control a water spill at your store. The most significant step is to stop the water source since the amount of water that flows into the facility can determine the level of damage you have to address. Stopping the water source may require a couple of steps.

  • Shutting off the main supply line
  • Opening some faucets to release water remaining in the pipes
  • Sealing the leak point temporarily using rubber and a clamp

Once the water stops flowing, it is easier to focus on saving your valuables and structural components. If there are pools of water on the floor or other surfaces, extracting them fast can help positively change the course of the loss. Our SERVPRO crews can help with such extraction since we have many state-of-the-art water extractors, including truck-mounted ones, in case there is abundant water to remove.

Moving out the clothes, and other articles you have on display helps ensure a smoother restoration process. Many of the fabrics may be wet, especially if the burst pipe was in an elevated location, such as the ceiling. Improper handling during moving can lead to soiling or staining when different clothes mix. Our crews can help in separating the wet items from the dry ones. We also have materials such as plastic bags that can hold wet materials during transfer.

What happens when a pipe concealed behind a wall leaks?

In most cases, the burst pipes are hidden inside wall cavities or the ceiling. The water released affects surrounding materials such as drywall, ceiling tiles, and insulation. Performing controlled demolition helps in accessing the damaged pipe and removing wet materials. Our technicians have a variety of tools that make such demolition easier and safe.

Drying all affected materials can present several challenges. Taking too long creates an opportunity for mold development, yet some tasks such as drying concrete floors tend to be slow. Our SERVPRO technicians are certified in ASD, Applied Structural Drying, so we can use different approaches to expedite the process.

Concrete is naturally porous unless it is sealed, so it absorbs significant amounts of moisture, though slowly. If not properly dried, mold readily develops on its surface. Alternatively, it can release the moisture back into the air causing high humidity levels inside your store. Using advanced dehumidification systems such as desiccant dehumidifiers and regularly monitoring the drying process is one way our teams help you overcome obstacles such as drying wet concrete surfaces and other structural materials in your store.

What main factors influence moisture management?

When a professional team handles the restoration of your store after water damage, proper management, and adjustment of the drying process is possible depending on the perceived effectiveness. The main factors that influence the outcome include:

  • The type of equipment used
  • The placement of such equipment
  • The amount of equipment used

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties can commit the necessary resources to restore your Grovetown or Thomson business to its preloss state after a water loss. Call us at (706) 843-1990. We're Faster to Any Size Disaster.

Need Water Removal from Your Thomson Office? Hire SERVPRO!

3/23/2020 (Permalink)

Burke County Court House, SERVPRO truck in foreground From Court Houses in Burke to Small Offices in Thomson, SERVPRO Provides Water Cleanup, Disinfection, and Restoration

Thomson Commercial Water Damage has Silver Lining

Commercial water damage from a leak that went to a gush overnight can dump a large amount of water in a Thomson area office in a short time. The danger of slip and fall accidents, shock, and other elements means the business should not reopen until cleanup and restoration services are complete.

When a local Thomson temporary staffing office had commercial water damage, a decision the office manager made to switch from document storage for clients and workers in cardboard bank boxes to plastic containers made the cleanup go even faster.

Scoping to Determine Loss Area

Water has the potential to migrate rapidly and seep into the subfloor and behind baseboards in short order. The techs use their advanced detection equipment to locate the exact span of the water loss within the office, so when the extraction phase starts, nothing gets left behind.

Water Extraction and Prepping for Drying

The removal of the water from the floors assists in lessening the drying time, that is why SERVPRO techs often spend extra effort on this step. The techs took the industrial carpets with rubber backing to another area for cleaning and drying along with the documents stored in the containers. The desks and chairs got placed on blocks to dry in place, so after drying, there would be no delay in reopening due to moving furniture back in.

Advanced Drying Equipment Makes the Difference

Because of the time spent moving as much embedded moisture as possible, the drying and final wipedown go rapidly. SERVPRO techs utilize centrifugal air movers in tandem with dehumidifiers to completely dry the loss area and monitor the progress carefully to ensure drying goals get attained within the timeline scheduled.

Everything In Its Place

The organized move out process that the techs perform assists in setting up the office exactly how it was before the water loss event. This service element eliminates the potential for confusion and inability to find items when the office reopens for business as usual.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990 restores properties with commercial water damage to their preloss condition rapidly with their experience and state-of-the-art equipment to make it "Like it never even happened."

How SERVPRO Cleans Fire Damage in Thomson

2/1/2020 (Permalink)

School zone signs on busy street; background blurred out When fire damages your school, call SERVPRO. We have the man-power and tools for fire damage cleaning and restoration.

Effective Cleaning for Fire-Damaged Thomson Schools 

From the unruly student that sets a fire in a trash can in the shop rooms on the first floor of your Thomson high school to an electrical overload in the cafeteria area that sparks a flame, your priority in any fire situation is the safety of your students and faculty. Once the areas have gotten cleared, first responders can put out the fire and turn the school back over to you. The property management and school board have likely already reached out to the insurance company and encouraged you to secure professional restoration. 

A critical advantage to the construction of your school is its built-in fire resistance features that often leave professionals like our SERVPRO team addressing only smoke and fire cleanup in Thomson schools. Concrete blocks are not able to sustain a flame without an accelerant, and that is partly why the rooms of your school's construction consist of concrete masonry units with fire retardant wool insulation around openings hidden in the blocks and lentils in shared walls. 

What this means for your school is that fire damages often stay localized to their origin point, and do not carry the same destructive weight as it might in a home. Smoke and soot are still concerns if organic materials like woods and plastics were in the path of the fire. Our SERVPRO professionals have several potent products that can address soot residues on surfaces like painted block walls, including chemical agents, to dissolve this residue to allow for rinsing with pressurized water. 

Addressing smoke damage often means combatting lingering odors that can get left behind in the affected rooms. If the area remains mostly sealed off from the rest of the school after a fire, smaller deodorizing units like thermal foggers can often handle the present conditions by dispersing a vapor that can neutralize smoke odor molecules. 

You cannot predict how or when a fire can happen in your school. However, you do have a reliable way to contact experienced fire restoration professionals to get the institution back to normal. Should you want to make fire losses, "Like it never even happened," give our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties team a call today at (706) 843-1990. 

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When a Leaking Dishwasher Hose Causes Commercial Water Damage in Thomson

12/21/2019 (Permalink)

Water drying on tile floor of commercial kitchen When this commercial kitchen experienced water damage, we were able to quickly dry the water. We have the equipment. Call us today!

Did a Leaking Dishwasher Pipe Cause Commercial Water Damage in Thomson?

Many small businesses provide a lunchroom where their employees can relax having lunch, or perhaps a coffee, while on their break. Some even offer appliances such as a microwave, a fridge, a cooking appliance, and even a dishwasher. It is not uncommon to fill the dishwasher, start the dishwashing cycle before heading home. Imagine finding water all over the floor the next morning, including the office areas. No one can work until the water cleaned up, and the area dried.

SERVPRO can respond to commercial water damage situations in Thomson in less than 4 hours on a 24 / 7 basis. We understand the importance of keeping your business open and protecting the contents from damage from water leaks.

Water leaking from a pipe can spread to office areas quite quickly. Kitchen floors covered with tile or linoleum, helps the water migrate to other areas of the building. Carpeted areas can soon absorb the water as it spreads across floors. Water may also wick into office furniture and walls, causing further damage.

SERVPRO has water extraction devices for use in situations like this one. After shutting off the source of the water, we can vacuum up surface water from the hard surface floors. Office furniture can be placed on blocks to protect it from any further moisture that remains. We use portable water extraction vacuums in corners and hard to reach areas.

We can deploy weighted water extraction equipment that squeezes the water out of the carpet and padding while it vacuums the water from the carpet. One of our SERVPRO technicians guides the machine to remove water from every area. His weight adds to the weight of the device to help compress the carpet to squeeze every bit of water from the carpets.

We introduce air movers and dehumidifiers to help absorb remaining moisture, dry the area, and return humidity levels to normal levels.

Call SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties at (706) 843-1990 for 24/7 service. We proudly serve Thomson, Grovetown, and surrounding areas. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

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Your Best Guide to Commercial Flood Damage Remediation in Thomson

11/22/2019 (Permalink)

Controlled Demolition Makes Drying in Thomson Café Efficient

Few teams have the comprehensive approach to flood recovery that our SERVPRO team can offer Thomson commercial properties. Because of how quickly these damages can spread throughout your small storefront, many of the exposed materials in your cozy café can become susceptible to the standing water and potential contamination that exists with natural rising floodwater.

In many situations, effective recovery of flood damage to Thomson businesses like your café means the use of tactics like controlled demolition and build back. Not only can these approaches quickly remove potentially contaminated surfaces and materials, but it can also work to provide fast access to structural supports and framing to protect it from flood exposure. Direct pathways to metal framing of the drywall can help to clean these surfaces and protect them with biocides and sporicides.

Because your café is a smaller size, standing water can migrate throughout the open floor plan quickly. Direct exposure to faux hardwood flooring can be a challenge for even our experienced biohazard recovery and general contracting teams. Without visible damage to the planks of the flooring, and no clear indication of water penetration into the subflooring and supports beneath the floor, quick disinfection can protect this flooring from requiring removal after flooding.

With more than 150 years of combined construction experience in the building trades, our team can work to remove any overly saturated and irreparable portions of construction materials, flooring, ceiling materials, and even furniture. Exposed fixtures like booths, tables, chairs, and your wood countertop for the coffee bar can all remain at risk for contamination without controlled demolition of the damaged materials and proper containment barriers to limit exposure to new areas of your café.

Your customers depend on you to take care of your small coffee shop as efficiently as possible after emergencies like flooding occur. Because We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, give our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties team a call anytime that you need us at (706) 843-1990. Our team of water restoration specialists and general contractors can offer comprehensive solutions to flood damage threatening your business.

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We Get You Back In Business In Thomson After A Flood

9/25/2019 (Permalink)

Ceiling caving in from flood damage When stormwater enters through a hole in the roof, water damage is often the result. We have state of the art equipment to begin repairs right away.

Seasonal Storm Flood Damage Challenge the Pledge of Commercial Property Owners to Remain Open in Thomson

When the Thomson area is in the path of extreme weather, including tropical depressions and storms or even hurricanes, the ability of your restaurant to remain open can lift the spirits of the entire community. Prepare for the challenges of high winds, torrential rains, and the resulting flooding in collaboration with our Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC)-trained team.

A Community Landmark

Generations of families count on your Thomson restaurant come flood damage or fair weather. As your neighbors, family, and friends regroup after the violence and fear engendered by the storm, a warm and welcoming place to gather, compare notes, and plan is much appreciated. Creating an agenda to avoid most substantial harm and rapidly remediate your property is your gift to the community.

Our Emergency Ready Plan (ERP) Helps You Help Others

Long before hurricane season contact SERVPRO to begin the process of developing your individualized Emergency Ready Plan and Profile (ERP). We send an experienced project manager to inspect and evaluate your physical layout. Our seasoned supervisor looks for the strengths and the vulnerabilities of your dining destination. Because of our considerable experience in the disaster recovery industry expect us to make recommendations that could minimize the effect of flooding on your business.

Adapt to Limit the Effects of a Potential Flooding Crisis

Raising equipment and moving food inventories above flood levels are options to investigate. Installing a sump pump system and sandbagging can help limit standing water. Ensuring roofing and gutters are secure and draining away from the building perimeter also improve outcomes if several inches of rain falls over a short period or throughout several sequential “training” storms.

Share Details with the ERP App

Give us more information about your operations and priorities by completing the individualized Profile. Clarify that SERVPRO is your restoration company choice. Designate agents among your employees or other individuals to act for you if distance or other circumstances prevent you from taking charge immediately.

Let SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties help you keep the coffee hot and the nourishment coming despite flood damage in the area. Call (706) 843-1990 now to schedule an ERP assessment in anticipation of stormy weather.

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We Are Available 24/7 For Your Thomson Water Damage Disaster

7/17/2019 (Permalink)

We have the equipment, training, and water damage experience to restore your commercial property to pre-damage condition.

Getting Water Mitigation Started Quickly for Your Thomson Theater

Aging theaters, like what you manage in Thomson, have a specific charm that cannot get replicated in modern construction. With your building maintaining many of its original construction materials and structural elements, you are mindful of any situation that can threaten the aesthetic appeal or function of the property. Water damage can be a particularly devastating challenge for your maintenance or custodial departments to overcome without getting the mitigation work started quickly.

Knowing how severe water damage in your Thomson theater has become can be a substantial challenge without the discovery devices and moisture content equipment available to our SERVPRO team. We know that a working understanding of the damage and water effects can help in the placement of capable drying equipment and even extraction efforts when the property requires it.

While you might not have substantial plumbing networks weaving throughout your entire property, there is a concentration of pipes present around your bathroom areas and concession stands in the lobby outside of the auditorium. When water loss incidents occur in this area, they can threaten multiple flooring types, including the plush carpeting present in the lobby, or the terrazzo tile work on the floors and splashes of the bathroom areas.

With these areas and materials at risk for pooling water damage and a tight schedule of performances and events set to occur in the facility, our SERVPRO team can help with fast mitigation and recovery efforts. We have a deep inventory of extraction and drying tools that can get employed immediately to prevent the unnecessary tear out and reinstallation of carpeting and tilework affected by the early stages of water pooling.

The old theater you manage in the area is historically significant, and protecting its original materials – including its flooring – should be a priority in the event of a disaster. Let our SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties rapid response team help you to make water loss incidents like this “Like it never even happened.” Give us a call anytime you need us at (706) 843-1990.

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Our Technicians Are Ready 24/7 To Restore Your Waynesboro Business After A Water Damage Disaster

5/22/2019 (Permalink)

A broken line soaked the drywall with water throughout the night, we removed the sheetrock along with the water and restored it right away.

Fast Water Removal in Waynesboro Gets Thrift Store Back to Business

Every business with a water heater has the potential to need water removal from their premises if the seal fails or there is a leak. Imagine the amount of water from a thirty or forty-gallon tank could mean for your business.

SERVPRO received a late night call for water removal in Waynesboro from a thrift store. A water tank in a utility closet had leaked throughout the back part of the shop. The owner was concerned about being closed for any length of time.

Our technicians arrived quickly and used portable pumps with wand attachments to extract the water from the linoleum flooring quickly. The industrial carpets outside the closet and employee common areas were removed for drying and disinfecting as they were made of rubber and did not absorb water.

After the water was removed, our technicians set up air movers, and instead of the cold coil dehumidifiers, we chose to use desiccant-based dehumidifiers. As the air movers cause moisture to rise from surfaces, these machines attract it to a rotating wheel coated in a solid material such as a silica gel or activated alumina. As moisture collects on the wheel, it is deposited into a damp air collection port, and the wheel turns to collect more. It is a very effective process for removing moisture quickly.

Mold is always a concern after a water intrusion. Once the area is dry, our technicians carefully wipe down all surfaces with our professional strength antifungal and antibacterial cleaners that leave surfaces sanitary and deodorized. SERVPRO technicians also take moisture readings after drying to ensure there are areas of residual moisture. In this case, the soft moisture meter indicated mold should not develop.

Once completed, SERVPRO technicians walked the shop owner through the restored areas to ensure she was pleased with our service and make sure all concerns were addressed before she reopened for business.

SERVPRO of Augusta South / Burke & Wilkes Counties is available for commercial water removal 24/7 by calling (706) 843-1990. Our emergency response teams arrive quickly and work to make the water loss in your business, "Like it never even happened."

Innovative Readiness Training Scheduled for June 15-22 click here for more information.